"Dirty Heads" Live

I have seen the Dirty Heads live many times and each time i see them they get better and better. The energy they create at there shows cant be explained only experienced. These guys make some amazing music, and they take it to a whole new level each time a new album comes out.

The Dirty heads came to Tucson, Arizona Friday, August 12th and i got the amazing opportunity to shoot them for the first time! They played at the RIalto Theatre in downtown Tucson (another first for me as well being to that venue, which was pretty awesome by the way).

About a month before this show the Dirty Heads just released a new self titled album on Released: July 15, 2016. They released the single for the album “That’s All I Need” in May 2016 on YouTube and by time the album released the single already had 1,000,000 views!

Its one thing to see this band live, its another thing to see this band live in a great venue with a SOLD OUT crowd. The energy level Tucson crowd had was one of the highest I’ve seen in a while. If you havent seen the Dirty Heads before you need to see these guys live. Also make sure you go check out there new album “Dirty Heads” in stores and on iTunes now!

Check out all the shots i got below.